What is Zeeve?

Blockchain adoption is slow due to various complexities that are involved in ideating, deploying, maintaining and extending a solution built over it. IT sector is not well equipped to take on these challenges in the same manner that it has been handling deployments so far, putting big workforce onto their projects. Zeeve is a Blockchain management platform which acts as one’s own Devops and Cloud team. It targets to provide ease to developers & enterprises by targetting 100% automation for their Blockchain solutions, indirectly solving challenges in adoption of Blockchain.

It is backed by a group of Blockchain and IOT experts, which have expertise over various protocols and understand the needs of the industry, the protocol and developers. Initially created to automate some of our personal projects, we saw the need for it externally.

Some basic needs for blockchain solutions are:-

  • Multi-cloud network deployments. A product should be able to function over any cloud that your client requires it run on without any extra configurations.

  • Heterogeneous Cloud networks. A Blockchain network might have some nodes running on one Cloud, while some nodes on another. This is important for the next big point which is,

  • Ability to create consortiums easily. Building consortium is the toughest challenge for the industry. Zeeve targets technical side of this challenge and intends for users to extend their consortium to others through simple UI based interactions.

  • Making your deployments production grade. Blockchain industry is full of complex protocols. A single left out variable of which may cause some pretty huge consequences. Zeeve helps standardize your deployments, making them ready to use in production.

  • Monitor/Scale/Optimize your deployments. Scaling your network in count of nodes and monitor and look out for any red flags is vital to any distributed network, but its also something hard to come by as every protocol is unique in their own manner.

  • Reach your customers easily through marketplace. Zeeve allows users to list their product in marketplace which could , if fully configured can be bought and started in a matter of minutes.

This document will help user to understand different operations onto zeeve and understand its functioning. Welcome!