description: Discover the power of Corda on Zeeve’s platform. Our documentation provides an introduction to the key concepts, tools and techniques for building decentralized applications using Corda and the Zeeve platform.


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  1. Create CLI Access

    • Navigate to settings and then click on “API Credentials” to see a list of CLI/API credentials.

    • Click “Create key”.

    • Provide a name, and select one or more networks to associate with the key.

    • Add appropriate permissions for the operations that the keys are being created for.

    • Click “Create key” and then copy/save generated keys.

  2. Login with Zeeve CLI

    • Login with Zeeve CLI using the earlier created keys and add these urls as well -

      zeeve login -i < access-key > -s < secret-key > -ae -ce 
  3. Deploy

    • Use the following command to deploy Corda

      zeeve corda corda-deploy -f < cordapp tar file> -n < networkID >