Ethereum Deployment Specifications


In order to be specific about the parameters which need your attention, we would like to brief you about them:

  • Type Of Network

    • MainNet: This will deploy your network on the network mainnet. This is suggested for deploying production grade ethereum dapps.

    • Ropsten: This is a testnet you can use this for your non production needs like testing or demonstrations.

    • Rinkeby: This is yet another testnet which can be used for non production needs like testing or demonstrations, however unlike ropsten it just supports geth.

  • Data Directory: You can also specify the path to the ethereum’s data directory. This directory is meant for storing the ethereum’s wallet files.

  • RPC Port: Specify the port of your blockchain application.

  • WS Port: Specify the port at which you want to make web socket connection with your running blockchain instance.

  • RPC API: Choose from a list of management APIs which you want to offer over the RPC endpoints.