Cloud Authorizations

Zeeve allows you to authorize multiple cloud accounts of yours so as to create networks in the cloud of your choice. You may choose to deploy some nodes of network on one cloud and extend some nodes of the same on another. This cross cloud deployment maybe a major requirement for your usecase or clients especially for creating/expanding consortiums.

Zeeve supports a list of cloud for you to choose from. You can authorize multiple clouds and choose between them at the time of creating networks or nodes. Following is the list of currently supported clouds:-

  1. AWS

  2. Digital Ocean

INTERESTING FACT: Zeeve doesn’t use blockchain services of any of the supported cloud platforms, and hence is not restricted for the level of features it can provide for a protocol on any cloud.

AWS Authorization

Before you authorize your AWS account with Zeeve, you’ll need following permissions to deploy a network:

  • Permission to create VPC, Elastic Ips, EC2 instance, Security group, Internet gateway and Route tables.

  • For Fabric, you need additional permissions to read/write EKS, CloudFormation and to create and pass any Role in IAM.

To authorize your AWS account on Zeeve:-

  1. Hover on profile


  2. Click on Edit Profile


  3. Click on My Cloud.


  4. Click on AWS and then click on Add AWS Cloud.


  5. You will need AWS Access Key and AWS Access Secret Key, to authenticate your AWS account with Zeeve.


Digital Ocean Authorization

To authorize your Digital Ocean account on Zeeve you’ll need to ensure certain things:-

  • User must have an account with enough permissions to create -

  • Project

  • Droplets

  • and Kubernetes service.

After which on Zeeve do following steps:-

  1. Hover on profile


  2. Click on Edit Profile


  3. Click on your cloud authentication for Digital Ocean account, click on Authorize digital Ocean.


  4. Click on DigitalOcean and then click on Add Digital Ocean Cloud.


  5. Authorize DigitalOcean will redirect you to login page, you can login with your DigitalOcean credentials, once login is successful, Zeeve will be connected to your account.


  6. After this, you will be asked to allow Zeeve in your cloud account. Make sure you provide both read and write access on this page.